Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Journey of few months in USA

It has been few months being here in the USA and these few months have been a great experience. It was always a dream for me to be here or in Europe, basically wanted to be out of Kolkata(Where I am currently based out of) and also from India for some time.

I always wanted to see new places, not only seeing or roaming around that place for few days and then come back to my base. I prefer to go to a place and stay there for sometime and I prefer to be in that place till I feel the urge to be in another place. I always feel that I should be moving from this place  to the other, thinking of staying in one place for a longer period of time does not give me any pleasure.

However, coming back to my experience in USA, I have seen new places here like Grand Canyon a natural wonder and also Las Vegas a man made wonder and Lake Tahoe. Both places are so different and en thrusts different kind of joy in one's heart. One place makes human being so small in terms of its abilities, and shows the difference between us as a human being and nature, what nature can do and has in store for us. And where as the other place is an example of what human being can achieve if it thinks of doing it. There are lots of things that one can tell of Las Vegas but for me the sheer ability of human beings to turn one small part of desert into a jewel was amazing. If one have to choose from what is good in Las Vegas, I think no one can distinctly tell that this particular piece of art was good, because what ever is present there is amazing. Be it the hotels, be it the shows or the casinos, no one can choose one particular piece. No wonder people go crazy in Las Vegas, I really believe its a place made to make people go crazy.

All in all an experience worth noting in US of A.

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